Dino Kitty Biothane Collars


Shipping to United States: $5.40

1/2” wide BioThane
Metal tongue buckle and d ring
features an elastic band with outdoor cats in mind.

Choose your primary color (color of BioThane)
Choose your color of spikes

The collar will be adjustable but for size assurance please send me your pets neck size.
Small Dino kitty: 6”-8”
Average Dino kitty: 8”-10”
big Dino kitty: 10”-13”

πŸˆβ€β¬› matching bell included.

*new! Light green. Photo coming soon.

If you do not send me your cats size, this will be made for an average sized cat.

New! (9/26/21)
Now ALL cat collars will have a tag/bell holder (aside from the β€œD-Ring”). See image for reference. If you wish to not have spikes this is a cool way to still have a little bit of an edgy look. Can opt out if you do not want a bell and it’s also removable.

New!! No spikes no problem! Choose your color of biothane and then β€œno spikes”

This is a BEAUTIFUL collar that fits my sassy kitty so well! She's only been wearing it for about a week now, but it seems sturdy and has held up to some roughhousing between her and our other cat. The lavender color I ordered was much lighter than I thought, but it's still super cute!

Love it, now my cat looks like a little punk rocker!


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